Web challenges from RootedCON'2010 CTF

By RoMaNSoFt (scoreboard, hosting and challenges) & Dreyer (challenges)

WELCOME to this game!
These are some web challenges we designed for past CTF. I promised to put them online and here they
are... (5 months delayed.. ups! :-)) To compensate the delay and as bonus I added one new
challenge and fortified/modified others so the game will be even more interesting!

Challenges are rated from beginner to advanced level (but they are not sorted and they actually
score the same). First to solve them all wins. I encourage you to compete individually (please, 
sign up as "user@team"). After all, it's supposed to be quite easy, isn't it?

Also please note that challenges may contain some texts in Spanish language but translation will not
be usually needed to pass them (they are self-explanatory and intuitive enough).

The winner will be awarded with a brand new iPod (4G) touch 32 GB, kindly donated by Hispasec Sistemas
(the guys behind VirusTotal - thanks a lot for sponsoring the contest!). Moreover, the iPod will have
a custom 31337 engraving dedicated to you! For claiming the prize, you should deliver a detailed write-up
showing how to solve all the challenges, within 30 days following finish date. Otherwise, prize will be
offered to the 2nd winner (and so on). Write-up should be written in English and kept private.

This (so simple) scoreboard has been written from scratch for the only purpose of serving this game (and
being light enough). Don't try to hack it or you will be put in the hall of shame. You've been warned.
Of course, DoS attacks and flag brute-forcing are forbidden. Please, be polite.

News (tips? No, you don't need them) will be publicly announced via Twitter (hashtag: #rootedctf).
For any technical problems / important issues (avoid begging for tips), please, drop me an e-mail.

You must REGISTER an user in order to participate.
If you are an already-registered user, please LOGIN.
To see the current ranking anonymously, go to HALL OF FAME.
To meet other contestants, join #rootedctf at irc.irc-hispano.org IRC network.

Have fun!

- - -

Update #1: "Plaid Parliament of Pwning" (PPP) won the contest! Congratulations! Now they have one month
to deliver a detailed write-up in order to claim prize. So there is still a chance (difficult, I must
admit it, but possible) to win the iPod, specially for 2nd, 3rd... positions (which are available atm).

The contest still continues and will be open and up for a long time (at least one month) so people can
enjoy it (and make write-ups). Please, don't publish any write-up in the mean time, keep it to yourself
until the contest is officially closed, ok? (after all, nobody likes to be spoiled :-)). If you are so
nice to send them to me, I'll collect them all and publish when that moment arrives. I'd also be very
happy to receive your feedback: which challenges did you like most, which ones suck... :-)

Update #2: Links to "hall of fame" and IRC added.

Update #3: Contest is over. Scores have been frozen ("submit flag" no longer works). Winner/write-ups
to be announced/published shortly!